Meet the Owner

Hi, I’m Rev. Jules Morrissey and I am the owner and herbalist at The Apothecary Company llc. My herbal training began with the plant-lore passed down through my grandma, Lenore, who always spoke to me about the healing values of botanicals and essential oils while I was growing up. Grandma treated a cough with a small dose of whiskey infused with goldenseal and oregano essential oil. When I had a head cold, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Camphor were defused in the air. For scalp issues, Rosemary was her go-to; stomach aches were treated using Mint, Ginger, Blue Cohosh and Chamomile homemade tea. My grandma seemed to understand plants and how to use them. Plant Alchemy is what I call and understand as medicinal herbalism. She applied a host of medicinal natural remedies to various ailments. She grew many of the herbs herself and I willingly helped her dig in the dirt each summer planting seeds, pruning the sprouts as they grew, harvesting them in the fall, and prepping for the next season. Grandma Lee (as we called her for short) taught me about natural health maintenance. We believe in modern medicine and use it when it’s needed; however, I learned from her the wholesome value of using plant-based oil-infusions, tinctures, hydrosols, and other mixtures for the therapeutic use of day-to-day illnesses. As a strong Christian woman, she taught me plants are a gift from God for our use in aiding in health and longevity. I am happy to say she still teaches these principles to those around her at her young age of 90, along with her husband, my grandpa, August Gessert, who just turned 92 this November. They both live each day to the fullest doing their various daily routines at the home.

The Apothecary Company launched from my love of using plant alchemy to make healthy self-care products and the avid desire to preserve the traditions of Appalachia. I researched and relied on the historical accounts of time-honored practices to create our recipes and processes, such as the process of the sun, heat, and cold infusing of plants in oils, organic gardening, composting, canning, wildcrafting, etc. We honor our ancestors’ time-tested natural remedies and hygiene goods.