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The problem with the skincare industry is that from a legal perspective it’s supposed to be ‘cosmetic’ only. That means it isn’t supposed to have any medicinal properties, only make you “look” healthy and nourished. This can be very frustrating for those people who believe the ad campaigns that boast about real age-defying effects from use. When in reality, cosmetics do not heal, and legally they don’t have to be beneficial at all! Only make you look good, with little regard to the cheap synthetic chemicals they use to do it. Stop using this junk. Learn to make natural products at home, or buy all-natural products and really put your health into perspective. Don’t just ‘look’ nourished, be nourished!

Feed your skin! Our specially formulated recipe blends luxurious infused oils with plant-butters and waxes. Our self-care products promise to provide immense nourishment and hydration while leaving your skin clean and moisturized.  Our self-care products are 100% free from toxins and harsh chemicals because we care about you more than profits.  We care about our clients’ skin and health. Our products have absolutely NO Phthalates; NO Petroleum-based chemicals; NO Parabens; NO Sulfates; NO Artificial Chemicals or Preservatives – Just wholesome ingredients for optimal health benefits. That’s our pledge to you.

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