Men’s Beard Balm – Bitter Cacao KY Bourbon


Made to tame, style, and moisturize the beard. Easy to apply and all natural.
Our old-fashioned beard salve is packed with tons of botanical micronutrients to feed your skin, beard, & hair. Salicylic acid provides active acne relief and natural exfoliation. Handcrafted from raw Fair Trade and Organic Tcho cacao nibs and authentic Kentucky Bourbon with our unique herbal infused oils, plant butters, mixed with castor wax and beeswax to stiffen up the consistency.
Your skin is the largest absorbing organ in your body. What you put on it matters! Don’t slather on synthetic junk chemicals on your skin. Our products are handmade using natural, wholesome and organic ingredients. Let it embrace you like the nostalgia of your favorite sea shanty, you magnificent man you. Because our real joy is making sure who comes close to you, stays close to you.
FOR DAILY USE: Scoop a pinch of Beard Balm into your hand when your face is feeling dry, your beard is out of sorts, or you’re going out. Work the mixture into a paste & smooth it over your body, beard, nails & hair to style.
Comes with a Free Bamboo Wood Comb for Application

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Your skin is the largest absorbing organ in your body. What you put on it matters! Don’t slather on synthetic junk chemicals on your skin.
Active Ingredient: Salicylic Acid.
Ingredients: Castor Wax; Beeswax; Shea Butter; Cocoa Butter; Herbal Infused Coconut Oil; Herbal Infused Castor Oil; Herbal Infused Sunflower Oil; Herbal Infused Sweet Almond Oil; Herbal Infused Apricot Kernel Seed Oil; Herbal Infused Grapeseed Oil; Herbal Infused Avocado Oil; Herbal Infused Wheat Germ Oil; Herbal Infused Hemp Seed Oil; Herbal Infused Walnut Oil; Herbal Infused Pumpkin Seed Oil; Herbal Infused Pistachio Oil; Herbal Infused Hazelnut Oil; Herbal Infused Neem Essential Oil; Raw Brown Sugar; Natural Chocolate Oil; & Salicylic Acid.
Herbal Oils Infused with: Fair Trade Raw Cacao NIbs; Calendula; Comfrey; Salicaceae (White Willow Bark); St. John’s Wort; Yarrow; Hyssop; Sunflower Petals; White Russian Sage & Salvia Officinalis (Common Sage); Lavender; Milk Thistle; Eucalyptus; Juniper Berry; Golden Seal Root; Mentha (Mint); Rosemary; St. Joseph’s Wort (Sweet Basil); Wild Creeping Thyme; Myristica (Nutmeg); Orange Peel; Vanilla Planifolia; Lemon Peel; Hops; Lemongrass; Cinnamomum (Cinnamon Bark); & Turmeric.
Nutritional Facts: Vitamin A (as Palmitate); Vitamin C (as Ascorbic acid); Vitamin E (as Wheat germ oil); Vitamin B2 (as Almond oil); Vitamin B3 (as Niacin); Vitamin B5 (as Sunflower petals & oil); Folic Acid (as Avocado oil); Biotin (as Nut oils); & Minerals.
We proudly source Fair Trade Certified Raw Organic Cacao, and the quality premiums we pay are well worth the minimum standards and pricing set by Fair Trade guidelines. Fair Trade is a social movement to ensure farmers and artisans are paid a livable wage for their hard work. 

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