Bath Bubblers – Hawaiian Black Sea Salt


This bubbly bath treat takes you to an island get-away with Teakwood oil and Hawaiian Black Sea Salt. Bubbly, fizzy bath treat with the benefits of a sea salt soak. Tub time is the best time for relaxing.
Not all bath bubblers are created equal. Our Bath Bubblers Tablets are made with our handmade oil infusions and our exclusive 6 medicinal salt mix with Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Rock Salt, Hawaiian Black Sea Salt, Mediterranean Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, and Pure Magnesium Salts. Soak in for a lush nutrient-packed bath with essential oils and the aroma of your favorite scent.
Hawaiian Black Sea Salt Bath Bubblers Tablet is 5 oz = 2.25″ Diameter

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Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate; Citric Acid; Mediterranean Sea Salt; Epsom Salts; Magnesium Flakes; Himalayan Rock Salt; Dead Sea Salt; Black Hawaiian Salt; Herbal Infused Castor Oil; Herbal Infused Sunflower Oil; Herbal Infused Sweet Almond Oil; Herbal Infused Apricot Kernel Seed Oil; Herbal Infused Grapeseed Oil; Herbal Infused Avocado Oil; Herbal Infused Wheat Germ Oil; Herbal Infused Hemp Seed Oil; Herbal Infused Walnut Oil; Herbal Infused Pumpkin Seed Oil; Herbal Infused Pistachio Oil; Herbal Infused Hazelnut Oil; Herbal Infused Neem Essential Oil; Teakwood Oil; Mica; & Beet Root Powder.
Herbal Oils Infused with: Calendula; Salicaceae (White Willow Bark); Comfrey; St. John’s Wort; Yarrow; Hyssop; Sunflower Petals; White Russian Sage & Salvia Officinalis (Common Sage); Lavender; Milk Thistle; Eucalyptus; Juniper Berry; Golden Seal Root; Mentha (Mint); Rosemary; St. Joseph’s Wort (Sweet Basil); Wild Creeping Thyme; Myristica (Nutmeg); Citronella; Orange Peel; Vanilla Planifolia; Lemon Peel; Hops; Lemongrass; Cinnamomum (Cinnamon Bark); & Turmeric.
Nutritional Facts: Vitamin A (as Palmitate); Vitamin C (as Ascorbic acid); Vitamin E (as Wheat germ oil); Vitamin B2 (as Almond oil); Vitamin B3 (as Niacin); Vitamin B5 (as Sunflower petals & oil); Folic Acid (as Avocado oil); Biotin (as Nut oils); & Minerals.

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