Gramma Judy’s Special Cream

Recently, my crafty Aunt Judy asked me if I would send her a simple hand cream recipe that she could have fun making at home. Moisturizing hand cream is a bit thinner than a balm or salve because there is no wax in the recipe. I sent her a super simple moisturizing cream recipe that uses easy to find wholesome ingredients.

Easiest recipe option.

  • 16oz. Olive or Sunflower oil
  • 12oz. Cocoa Butter (may substitute for Shea Butter)
  • 4oz. Coconut Oil (may substitute for Mango Butter)
  • 10-20 drops Essential Oil (optional)

1) Infuse the purest quality or organic olive or sunflower oil from the baking section of your grocery store. 

2) Warm the oil to melt temperature.

3) Separately melt coconut oil and cocoa butter (or substitutes) together. 

4) Mix the heated oil and melted ingredients. Then turn off the heat. Note: Do not heat over 170 F degrees.

5) Add the essential oil, like lavender, tea tree, or Cajeput essential oil it. Mix gently, stir well for about 20 seconds. Add about 10-20 drops of essential oil per pint of carrier oil, so if you add more than one essential oil, adjust ratios as needed.

6) Pour the ingredients into mason jars. (Note: Be sure to check with the manufacturer that the glass is heat-tolerant). I find 8 oz. Wide-mouth Mason jars work well for home.  

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