Did you know: Your body absorbs about 5lbs of chemicals through your skin each year?

Did you know:
Your body absorbs about 5lbs of chemicals through your skin each year?

What you put on your body and skin matters!

Hygiene routines are part of daily self-care. However, not all products are created equal. On average, researchers figured, we absorb about 4 to 6 pounds of synthetic chemicals each year into our bodies through our skin.

Skin Deep, a scientific database housing thousands of empirical resources about synthetic chemicals, reports: “Many women use over 20 different synthetic products a day, bombarding themselves with hundreds of chemicals.” The scary thing is that some synthetic ingredients have been linked to side effects ranging from skin irritation to premature aging and cancer. See more about Skin Deep’s data on it more here.

“Question what those chemicals are, and how the effect you.”

Biochemist Dr. Richard Bence, whose research is uncovering the toxic nature of many modern toiletries, said: “We really need to start questioning the products we are putting on our skin and not just assume that the chemicals in them are safe. We have no idea what these chemicals do when they are mixed together, the effect could be much greater than the sum of the individual parts. Chemicals get straight into your bloodstream, there is no protection.” Bence’s research reveals that absorbing chemicals through the skin in more dangerous than swallowing them. Bence now strongly advocates using natural alternatives to synthetic chemical based hygiene products. Read more about here.

At The Apothecary Company, we strive to share the medicinal capacity of botanicals with everyone. Botanicals or plants are a huge part of staying healthy and your body’s healing efficiency. Our self-care products are packed with herbal micronutrients such as Phytonutrients, Antioxidants, Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamins A, B, C, E, and other Minerals as well as infusing compounds from plant essential oils.

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